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Vision Statement :

“Every student in India should have an online platform to express on internet.”
We believe those who enjoy online success on internet have the power and responsibility to help their friends with a personal website and bring them online. We seek to create opportunities to inspire, enable and motivate all the segments of students across all braches to own a personal website. The websites we develop, works in solidarity with the Indian students being the part of their struggle for successful carrier and achievements. We help every student of India to empower the best opportunities available and create social justice for the entire student community. We value creativity in every pursuit and  believe that it is essential to come online and express in order to achieve glories while working towards our vision.


Mission Statement:

IAM mission is to generate new knowledge via internet and informed practices around learning and participation in online communities to express personal identity of every student in India.

IAM was launched based on evidence generated by the organisation, at local, state, national and international levels. Our purpose is to create student websites addressing major issues related to learning within contemporary times, focusing particularly on issues impacting on learning in a rapidly changing world and how students and social communities can be assisted to learn how to engage effectively with social change.















Name: Prof. K. Nageswara Rao
Designation: Rector
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: The effort of our University and the help extended by IT Awareness BU depends upon the extent to which you make use of its services to the best advantage of our students. I request all the principals to give a serious thought to this.



Name: Prof. S.N Sharma
Designation: College Development Council, Dean.
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Message: One of the most important objectives of IAM is to reduce the usage of paper which helps in saving the trees.


Name: Prof.Purushotham
Designation: Registrar
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: I thank the dignitaries who have come forward to serve their motherland. They want to extend the benefit they have derived from their motherland and returning back the same. I really thank the philanthropic gesture and great contribution they have made to the University.


Name: Mr. Y Krishnamurthy
Designation: Asst. Registrar
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: I am thankful to Shri. Sanneerappa for their interest shown to start this novel program in our University and the students are very fortune to have such program in our University.

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