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Prof. P. KusumaKumari - Vice Chancellor

I wholeheartedly join hands of all principals in welcoming Mr. Sanneerappa & his family to our University. When they approached me with the idea of having collaboration with the university, signing MOU,  establishing individual websites, I was really happy. They are sons of the soil and belong to this district and this program will help the students to achieve greater heights in their personal life and career. It is a memorable day for all of us and me as a  Vice-Chancellor along with all the principals who have assembled here, humbly thank them for their­­­ noble gesture­­. We are going to launch this program by signing a MOU with Shri. Sanneerappa and their Corporation. On behalf of the teaching and non-teaching staff, research scholars and students of Sri University, Anantpur, we cordially thank IT Awareness BU(Bharath Universities) for launching Information Technology Awareness Movement in our university. Though our university is situated in one of the worst drought-prone areas in the country, it has been striving hard with the help of the organizations like IT Awareness BU(Bharath Universities) to evolve perspective actions for all round development of our students. Information Technology Awareness Movement is one such initiative , through which every student is provided with a personal website free of cost. It is not an exaggeration to say that it will open for our students, most of who come from economically and socially disadvantaged sections of the society, a window to the world.

We are proud to be the first university in the entire country to initiate the Information Technology Awareness Movement and would like to share our happiness during the inauguration of the working model and thus bring awareness about Information Technology among other universities in the country.

IT Awareness  Bharath Universities:

IT Awareness  Bharath Universities has sponsored dot station computers to 27 government colleges in Anatapur and Kurnool Districts which are affiliated to Sri Krishnadevaraya University to establish 27 Information Technology Awareness Movement (IAM) remote connectivity centers.

IT Awareness Bharath Universities has donated advanced high-end computers to Sri Krishnadevaraya University to establish advanced Web Server Centric Laboratory in the University. This Laboratory will serve all established IAM Remote Connectivity centers across Anantapur and Kurnool districts associated with Sri Krishnadevaraya

IT Awareness Bharath Universities has developed a University Portal free of cost, where any student’s information can be accessed online via internet and a complete summary of any student can be obtained at any point of time. IT Awareness BU has developed a personal website for every student in SKU for free of cost where every student will be identified with “University Register Number” and “Year of Enrollment”. Any student’s information can be accessed by performing quick, simple and advanced search techniques. Every student can modify their respective personal website in a timely manner instantly and distribute the web address link to corporate companies, universities, visa offices, national conferences, competition enrollment, faculties, friends and literally anyone who ever helps the student to refine their skills and create opportunities for their success.

IT Awareness Bharath Universities started IT Awareness Movement to promote every student in India by interfacing a best exposure online via internet technology to meet the global market challenges which are changing and growing constantly.


Name: Prof. K. Nageswara Rao
Designation: Rector
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: The effort of our University and the help extended by IT Awareness BU depends upon the extent to which you make use of its services to the best advantage of our students. I request all the principals to give a serious thought to this.



Name: Prof. S.N Sharma
Designation: College Development Council, Dean.
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Message: One of the most important objectives of IAM is to reduce the usage of paper which helps in saving the trees.


Name: Prof.Purushotham
Designation: Registrar
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: I thank the dignitaries who have come forward to serve their motherland. They want to extend the benefit they have derived from their motherland and returning back the same. I really thank the philanthropic gesture and great contribution they have made to the University.


Name: Mr. Y Krishnamurthy
Designation: Asst. Registrar
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: I am thankful to Shri. Sanneerappa for their interest shown to start this novel program in our University and the students are very fortune to have such program in our University.

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