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Message From Program Convenor

It is taking time to realize that,  finally the day of creating revolution in India has come. Every time our organization achieves a glory, respect and fame we used to repent after understanding our inability to reach out our software solutions to rural India. This repenting frustration was adding up every day we pass by,  and now we have taken 7 long years to establish our organization to serve the student community in India.

Most of the gurus all over India have been presenting papers in national and international conferences to solve either a technical problem or a social problem. Every time such attempt was made people used to clap and clap and clap and forget gradually, because the power to implement is neither in the hands of audience nor the person presenting the solution. 

Every Vice Chancellor in the country carries a common vision and are working towards the welfare and success of the students. Every employer today is trying to create as many number of jobs as possible. Every guru and every employer is directly or indirectly working towards the welfare of the students. But let us summarize the life cycle of a student. Every student will write hundreds of exams and thousands of tests before he/she starts the so called career. Every student will spend few lakhs of rupees on education, travelling ,stationery, etc before he/she is productive.

Parents support their children in every moment to make sure that “at least they will gain enough skills to survive” if not glories. Every teacher contribute tons of knowledge and moral stories year after year right from kinder garden till UG/PG to make every student a  “National Asset”. Everybody in the cycle believe that, if a student makes his/her earning they will become a National asset and it is guaranteed that they will survive and  settle in life.  By the time every student completes the struggle for 20 years, they realize “not everybody who complete graduation would settle in life”. According to the online survey we conducted last year on internet polling, out of 3 million graduates who pass out every year only 14% of them get jobs. Immediately you question, why do corporate companies reject 86% of students, even after a student complete the graduation.

66% of students choose careers which “they do not like at all”- Where is the choice?. 42% of the people who have jobs are under paid by 60% of their regular salary – Now who is the authority to ask? Why is the recruitment percentage gap between urban and semi-urban or rural students is more than 90% as of today? 

42% of semi urban or rural students are found missing in the corporate environment by the time they enter into the second year. 92% of the students who do not get jobs develop inferiority complex for no reason. Students will starve, get frustrated, lose patience and hope in life  every time they try to apply for opportunities. Students don't have one common platform to know where, how and when the opportunities are created so that they can be in the right place and right time.

Today our organization is working with every vice chancellor in the country to create an online presence for every student in the country.


Name: Prof. K. Nageswara Rao
Designation: Rector
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: The effort of our University and the help extended by IT Awareness BU depends upon the extent to which you make use of its services to the best advantage of our students. I request all the principals to give a serious thought to this.



Name: Prof. S.N Sharma
Designation: College Development Council, Dean.
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Message: One of the most important objectives of IAM is to reduce the usage of paper which helps in saving the trees.


Name: Prof.Purushotham
Designation: Registrar
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: I thank the dignitaries who have come forward to serve their motherland. They want to extend the benefit they have derived from their motherland and returning back the same. I really thank the philanthropic gesture and great contribution they have made to the University.


Name: Mr. Y Krishnamurthy
Designation: Asst. Registrar
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: I am thankful to Shri. Sanneerappa for their interest shown to start this novel program in our University and the students are very fortune to have such program in our University.

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