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Information Technology Awareness Movement works towards fulfilling Technology based Societal Grid Vision 2020 for the Nation India defined by Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam by inter connecting universities with socio-economic institutions, industries and R&D organizations.

Students are in search of help about improving their project work, higher studies, jobs and participation in conferences, publishing papers and many more activities. Every time a request for help is made, students need a platform to express their interests and expertise. This platform is created by Information Technology Awareness Movement(ITAM) which utilizes open source technology to develop a personal website for every student in the country. The websites will be developed free of cost. Dr. Kalam believes that the ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and under the earth. The youth power if properly directed and controlled, could bring about transformational changes in humanity for its progress, meeting its challenges and bring peace and prosperity.

There is no cost involved for the universities to implement Information Technology Awareness Movement because the technology, development, installation and IT Infrastructure will be provided free of cost by Information Technology Awareness BU(Bharath Universities). The university staff can access and verify any student’s information at any point from any location with the help of the internet connectivity.

Dr. Kalam believes that the spread of Information Technology which is influencing the daily life of individuals would have a devastating effect on the lives of the society. It is precisely for these reasons open source software need to be built which could be cost-effective for the entire socirty. In India, open source code software will have to come and stay in a big way for the benefit of billion people.

IT Awareness BU initiated a pilot project on 21/01/2010 in Sri Krishnadevaraya University during 23rd Principals Meeting. The event was inaugurated by the university Vice-Chancellor Prof. P. Kusuma Kumari and Information Technology Awareness BU(Bharath Universities) Program Convenor Shri. Sanneerappa J by signing the MOU. More than 150 principals of Sri Krishnadevaraya University submitted  written opinions saying that Information Technology  Movement has to be implemented  all over India. The opinions submitted by principals were shared with Dr. Kalam for further refinement of objectives of Information Technology Awareness Movement.

The opening ceremony of the first working project is scheduled in the month of August 2010 by Dr.APJ  Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam has programmed a personal visit all the way from Delhi to Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh to address the students and academicians on the occasion of first successful implementation coming true.

Shri. D. Sridhar Babu,Honourable Higher Education Minister, Shri. N. Raghuveera Reddy, Honourable Agricultural Minister, Prof. P. Kusuma Kumari, Vice-Chancellor, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, collectively invited Dr. Kalam to share the success with the rest  of the universities in the state and the country. 


Name: Prof. K. Nageswara Rao
Designation: Rector
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: The effort of our University and the help extended by IT Awareness BU depends upon the extent to which you make use of its services to the best advantage of our students. I request all the principals to give a serious thought to this.



Name: Prof. S.N Sharma
Designation: College Development Council, Dean.
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Message: One of the most important objectives of IAM is to reduce the usage of paper which helps in saving the trees.


Name: Prof.Purushotham
Designation: Registrar
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: I thank the dignitaries who have come forward to serve their motherland. They want to extend the benefit they have derived from their motherland and returning back the same. I really thank the philanthropic gesture and great contribution they have made to the University.


Name: Mr. Y Krishnamurthy
Designation: Asst. Registrar
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: I am thankful to Shri. Sanneerappa for their interest shown to start this novel program in our University and the students are very fortune to have such program in our University.

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