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Why did IT Awareness Bharath Universities launch IT Awareness Movement (IAM)?
Students are in search of help about improving their project work, higher studies, jobs,  participation in conferences, publishing papers and many more activities. Every time a request for help is made, students need a platform to express their personal identity, interests and expertise.

How can IT Awareness Movement help students in India?
IT Awareness Movement (ITAM) creates an online platform for the students by developing a personal website for every student in the country. The websites will be developed free of cost.

To make students knowledge accessible to the world at anytime, anywhere.
To create a channel to access and apply for opportunities.
To create a secure data backup of important documents.
To create employment opportunities in the local job market.
To replace paper and printer with a personalized website address.
To reduce urban and rural divide.
To bring gender equality among students.
To create Information Technology related jobs for students.
To create a platform for the students to showcase their knowledge,
creativity and achievements.


Name: Prof. K. Nageswara Rao
Designation: Rector
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: The effort of our University and the help extended by IT Awareness BU depends upon the extent to which you make use of its services to the best advantage of our students. I request all the principals to give a serious thought to this.



Name: Prof. S.N Sharma
Designation: College Development Council, Dean.
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Message: One of the most important objectives of IAM is to reduce the usage of paper which helps in saving the trees.


Name: Prof.Purushotham
Designation: Registrar
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: I thank the dignitaries who have come forward to serve their motherland. They want to extend the benefit they have derived from their motherland and returning back the same. I really thank the philanthropic gesture and great contribution they have made to the University.


Name: Mr. Y Krishnamurthy
Designation: Asst. Registrar
Organization: Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Message: I am thankful to Shri. Sanneerappa for their interest shown to start this novel program in our University and the students are very fortune to have such program in our University.

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