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IT Awareness BU (Bharath Universities)  is   registered under Government of Karnataka.  Information  Technology Awareness Bharath Universities was started over a constant struggle of more than 7 years with an extreme thirst to develop a technology which helps every student in India to have a personal website. IT Awareness  Bharath Universities has sponsored dot station computers to 27 government colleges in Anatapur and Kurnool Districts which are affiliated to Sri Krishnadevaraya University to establish 27 Information Technology Awareness Movement (IAM) remote connectivity centers.

IT Awareness Bharath Universities has donated advanced high-end computers to Sri Krishnadevaraya University to establish advanced Web Server Centric Laboratory in the University. This Laboratory will serve all established IAM Remote Connectivity centers across Anantapur and Kurnool districts associated with Sri Krishnadevaraya University.

IT Awareness Bharath Universities has developed a University Portal free of cost, where any student’s information can be accessed online via internet and a complete summary of any student can be obtained at any point of time. IT Awareness BU has developed a personal website for every student in SKU for free of cost where every student will be identified with “University Register Number” and “Year of Enrollment”. Any student’s information can be accessed by performing quick, simple and advanced search techniques. Every student can modify their respective personal website in a timely manner instantly and distribute the web address link to corporate companies, universities, visa offices, national conferences, competition enrollment, faculties, friends and literally anyone who ever helps the student to refine their skills and create opportunities for their success.

IT Awareness Bharath Universities started IT Awareness Movement to promote every student in India by interfacing a best exposure online via internet technology to meet the global market challenges which are changing and growing constantly.

Message from Dr. APJ Kalam

nformation Technology Awareness Movement works towards fulfilling Technology based Societal Grid Vision 2020 for the Nation India defined by Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam by inter connecting universities with socio-economic institutions, industries and R&D organizations.

Students are in search of help about improving their project work, higher studies, jobs and participation in conferences, publishing papers and many more activities. Every time a request for help is made, students need a platform to express their interests and expertise. This platform is created by Information Technology Awareness Movement(ITAM) which utilizes open source technology to develop a personal website for every student in the country. The websites will be developed free of cost. Dr. Kalam believes that the ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and under the earth. The youth power if properly directed and controlled, could bring about transformational changes in humanity for its progress, meeting its challenges and bring peace and prosperity.

Program Convenor

It is taking time to realize that,  finally the day of creating revolution in India has come. Every time our organization achieves a glory, respect and fame we used to repent after understanding our inability to reach out our software solutions to rural India. This repenting frustration was adding up every day we pass by,  and now we have taken 7 long years to establish our organization to serve the student community in India.

Most of the gurus all over India have been presenting papers in national and international conferences to solve either a technical problem or a social problem. Every time such attempt was made people used to clap and clap and clap and forget gradually, because the power to implement is neither in the hands of audience nor the person presenting the solution.

Every Vice Chancellor in the country carries a common vision and are working towards the welfare and success of the students. Every employer today is trying to create as many number of jobs as possible. Every guru and every employer is directly or indirectly working towards the welfare of the students. But let us summarize the life cycle of a student. Every student will write hundreds of exams and thousands of tests before he/she starts the so called career. Every student will spend few lakhs of rupees on education, travelling ,stationery, etc before he/she is productive.

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